Upcoming Events at The Recess Room

We’ll be serving a special pop up menu this coming Monday August 9th! Spaces are limited. Please RSVP ASAP. Only 12 spots remain.

#1 Fresh Focaccia Bread
#2 Soft and Light Gnocchi ,Basil,Farmer Market Cherry Tomatoes
#3 Tortelloni Pasta (egg pasta) Ricotta filling, Pork Ragu
#4 Trofie Pasta (flour/water) Butter sauce, Carrots, Celery and Onions
#5 Cestini Pasta (spinach,egg pasta) Mushroom filling Parmesan Foam, Prosciutto
#6 Carbonara (egg pasta) Classic
#7 Peach and Jalapeno Sorbet Whip Cream Lime Zest

Please Contact for RSVP